Hog Roast Service

For over 15 years Griffins has offered a very competitive hog roast service. To ensure that our customers get just what they need we have 3 options to choose from, these are:
Take Away

We have the unique ability to be able to cook your hog at our shop! As we are on the premises it means we can reduce the labour and equipment cost. A saving which we pass on to the customer.

Typical pricing –

Whole pig – (Feeds 130 to 150 approx) – £295.00*
Half pig – (Feeds 60 -70 approx) – £195.00*
Half pig is the back half which includes the legs and thick end of loin.
Collect piping hot and ready to serve, all you have to do is carve.
Take out with chef
We come to you with the hog and the roaster and cook on site.
Hog and Roaster plus chef – £595.00*
Take out no chef – you do the cooking
We come to you with the hog and the roaster and YOU cook on site and buy the gas.
Hog and Roaster (no chef) – £400.00*


We do have 2 machines and therefore for larger events it is possible to cook 2 hogs at the same time.
Please phone to confirm availability and price. It also helps us to ensure that you are ordering exactly to suit your requirements. We are happy to answer any questions you may have – Please phone or email.

Note *

All prices are correct at time of publication but are subject to change. All equipment hired is expected to be returned in good working order and undamaged. If this is not the case then the cost of repair or replacement will have to be met by the hirer. By committing to hog roast hire and doing the cooking yourself you are entering into a hirer’s agreement.